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  Who We Are
Founder Contra Mestre Bola (Marinaldo Da Silva) was born in Olinda, Pernambuco - a thriving centre of Afro-Brazilian culture with a long-standing Capoeira tradition. He began training with a top Capoeira Master in 1988. At the age of 15 he began training in percussion and theatre with master teachers in Recife. At this time Contra Mestre Bola played with many well known bands and had the chance to tour throughout the North East of Brazil, and Europe.

Initially, in 1995 Bola moved to Vancouver, Canada where he continued to work in capoeira and music, teaching numerous workshops throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe, but then relocated to Toronto in 2000 to open an academy. In 2005 he found Capoeira Camará, which now includes academies in Toronto, Peterborough, Montreal, and Calgary, Canada, Bermuda, Russia, Japan, Brazil, and Malaysia.

Beyond his teaching duties in Toronto, Bola participates in numerous Capoeira events all over the world. He is also an accomplished musician and is responsible for producing five successful annual Batizado e Troca da Corda shows. Overall, Bola has been promoting Brazilian culture and Capoeira for 15 years. His travels have taken him to training sessions and performances in St. Croix and to Capoeira workshops as far away as Russia.

In addition to his capoeira achievements Contra Mestre Bola has worked in producing shows with Cirque du Solei, Dance Migration, and has choreographed many fight scenes for Hollywood films. Currently he is the artistic director of the largest Brazilian festival in Canada called Folklorama which happens every summer.

Bola’s Capoeira expertise and leadership have also earned him international recognition. And, on numerous occasions, major media both in Canada and Brazil exclusively have interviewed him. Contra Mestre Bola offers classes at his home bade academy in Toronto, Canada, and continues to teach Master workshops throughout the world.
Cristiano Genuino da Silva, born on 7th February 1975 in Recife, Brazil, is better known as InstrutorSoldado” due to his previous profession as a soldier. He started training Capoeira at the tender age of 16 under the guidance of the legendary Mestre Liminha, Mestre Joao Capoeira and Mestre Grillo. Having a vast martial arts background such as Taekwondo, Karate and Submission Jiu-Jitsu, Soldado had the natural talent in Capoeira which now has become his living and brings him around the world.

Soldado, been certified in the courses of Capoeira Angola and Physical/Sports Science, has been participating in the Cultural Festivals in Igarassu, Brazil and conducting Capoeira courses of his own. He is also the instructor cum teacher in private high schools and the Styllo Fitness Centre in his hometown. In Malaysia, his knowledge and experience are sought after by students of the Havana Estudio, Lim Kok Wing Universities (Cyberjaya and KL Center), CRUSH Mixed Martial Arts Centre, and The Dance and Music House in Klang, just to name a few. Besides teaching, he has also participated in numerous Capoeira, Samba and music performances as well as workshops.

Having been in Kuala Lumpur since 2006, Soldado is spreading the wings of Capoeira Camará, which was founded by Contra Mestre Bola who is now residing in Toronto, Canada. Soldado carries with him the Green/Purple belt which signifies the Instrutor (Instructor) level.

Although his students in Malaysia are foreign to Capoeira, Soldado is nevertheless passionate and submits himself towards educating them about its physical training, its music, its history and its philosophy. He hopes to develop and promote Capoeira as a means of enriching people with different international cultures and also as a bridge that connects people and societies of various backgrounds.

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